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Universal Spirit & Divine Action

Perhaps a last run on my part, but I have developed an
interest in how the Universal Spirit might work in this
world. Theologians sometimes call this process "Divine
Action." It's probably both an expansive and endless
subject, because it traverses a spectrum of perspectives--
ranging from the Continuum of religious and philosophical
thought to the science of Memetics. It also involves a
strange ride across various realms that fall into the
category of the paranormal (Psi). In the end I rather
imagine this might be a weird but wonderful subject. I
can't even begin to imagine how I might work into this
challenge. But I'll surely try in various and sundry ways!

(If interested, check my "Future Focus" essay site.)

Teilhard's Omega

A number of years ago I had the opportunity to write
a thesis entitled "The Play of the Cosmic Process: A
Synthesis of Teilhard's Cosmogenesis and Bohm's Theory
of the Implicate Order."

The good Jesuit's sense of the evolutionary process
corresponds very well with Bohm's ideas; and it is
interesting that Teilhard was very much earlier in
his presentations, long before the New Cosmology came
along. Consequently, some of his scientific ideas got
panned over time, only to be somewhat favored much later.

David Bohm was one of the leading quantum physicists of
the 20th century, and it's amazing how well his idea of
an Implicate Order, which he called the "Holomovement"
fit so well with Teilhard's concept of the "Within" of
the universe. Both scientists felt that this Inner aspect
actually fed *information* into the Without, the Explicate
Order of the universe. Their ideas are complex, though in
my "Stoa del Sol" website, in the Plenum section, I've
tried to present their thoughts in a fairly understandable

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance at the time to work
into Teilhard's "Christogenesis," so recently I delved
into his thoughts about the Cosmic Christ drawing the
universe, the All of us, towards a greatCenter that he
presumed to be the Cosmic Christ, ultimately over millennia,
ever building-up the mental structure of universe, coming
to the final time of Completion: the Omega Point. Though I
am not always in agreement with Teilhard, I did write a short
story called the "Omega Quest" which is somewhat descriptive
of his Christogenesis.

Another part of Teilhard that I found most charming were
his gentle conversations that he had witha spirited teenager,
while taking walks in NYC's Central Park, in which he
introduced her to the idea of Entelechy. I wrote a small
article about this in the Imaginal Realm section of my
"Stoa del Sol" essay site.

Cosmology & Natural Theology

What with all the new astrophysical discoveries a
New Cosmology has arisen! As for our trying to make
meaning in the universe, making meaning for ourselves,
well the deeper understanding of the Cosmos is
significantly important. Religious folk have always
laid a foundation from their knowledge of the universe,
whether at the beginning just looking up at the sky.
Later we had the astrologers, and in more modern times
astronomers and later physicists, hence today's

Having spent much of my professional life in the realm
of Science and Technology, I suppose it was natural to
look beyond just religio-spiritual perspectives, on
towards what is termed Natural Theology.

As some have put, when it comes to trying to grip onto
the Contours of God, beside the Book of Scripture we now
have an evolving Book of Nature.

For some of us God speaks through Creation, naturally,
besides what is deemed the supernatural. And, in the end,
maybe one day we might come to realize that what we once
thought as supernatural might really be "natural." And then
there's Evolving Consciousness, all part and parcel when it
comes to a more natural understanding of who we are!

(if interested, check "Sol Scientia"--my story that is a
cosmic/consciousness study via Natural Theology)


Many moons ago I had the occasion to meet and
take a seminar with the late Thomas Berry, a
monk-priest, a cultural historian, and in his
later days a premier eco-theologian. He published
his concerns about the Earth's environmental issues
long before it became a hot topic. Anyway, after
reading through some of his later work about the
environment and ecology in relation to stewardship,
I decided (after I moved out to Southern California)
that I would volunteer my time as a docent naturalist.

Consequently I spent a number of years volunteering
first in an Eco-Literacy Program for Children at the
San Diego Natural History Museum, and later working
in the field at the Tijuana River National Estaurine
Research Reserve under the management of California
State Parks and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Beyond the really good curatorial training I received
at the museum and at the estuary, I broadened my
background in Natural Studies by visiting many of the
major national parks in the American West, in Canada,
as well as in Mexico.

And along the way, I dipped deeper into Native American
Spirituality. I had occasion to attend a workshop with
Ed McGaa--also known as Eagle Man--who is well known for
his "Mother Earth" Spirituality. Later I traveled to the
Black Hills and the Badlands, touching the land of the
Sioux, visiting the American Indian Center at Chief Crazy
Horse Monument in South Dakota. All along the way I
collected work by Ed McGaa, in books that explained
beautifully his Indigenous Spirituality.

In time I was able to blend this special spirituality of
the American Indian with my interests in Eco-Spirituality.
(In appreciation, I wrote a short story--"Gaia's Guard")

Science & Spirituality

When I lived in the Washington, DC, area I used
to attend lectures at the Smithsonian, especially
those about such topics as the New Cosmology, the
New Biology, the New Physics, the Grand Unified
Field Theory, etc., etc. It was always exciting,
and I was somewhat familiar with all the scientific
lingo--so I could get a grip on some of these
modern theoretics.

But what I was beginning to notice was not only the
excitement, but especially the *enthusiasm* put forth
by the presenters. And their enthusiasm spread forth
to their audiences! And somehow, Some One took me by
the shoulders, turned me square around, and I knew that
this was the direction I was to take in my own spiritual

Close to retiring as a career officer in government,
working in scientific areas, I decided to prepare for
a second life as a philosopher. After receiving a
postgraduate certificate in Theological Studies at
Georgetown University I applied and was accepted into
a Master's Program there, wherein I studied with a
mentor whose specialty was "Science and Religion."

I had a wonderful time, working into my own approach
which was more "Science and Spirituality." I focused
especially on new science theories. And after the
Master's, I spent more time as a Scholar of Advanced
Study putting together articles about Technology as
a helpmate spiritually. In this case I worked with
an engineer.

Maybe it sounds strange, approaching Spirit this way.
But these days I am in the midst of a lot of company--
far more erudite than me!

(if interested in this approach, check my essay site
"Stoa del Sol"or my story entitled "Sol Scientia")

Depth Psychology

A long time ago I went to a Jesuit retreat that focused
on both the Myers-Briggs Typology Test and a smattering
of Jungian Psychology. At the time I was virtually
ignorant of both, but it helped me, lots! I was astounded
by the type test, in that it seemed to hit the "nail on
the head" for me. Later, I discovered that this type test
is oft used by corporations and governments when it comes
to professional placements. Wow!

As for Jung, I was fascinated. Talking with a Jesuit
priest-psychologist, he steered me toward a bookstore
that specialized in Jung's books. Afterwards, I really
read deep into Jung--whose psychology helped me along
the way when it came to my own spiritual development as
well as a keener understanding of religious symbolism.

Eventually I branched out, studying James Hillman's
Archetypal Psychology, and even getting into
Transpersonal Psychology.

Anyway, all these different forms of Depth Psychology
are real helpmates when it comes to one's insight into
who they really are--coming to "know thyself," if you

(if interested, check "Mind Link"--a short story that
looks at these various schools of depth psychology from
the perspective of how the Spirit works through our minds)