Friday, June 3, 2011

Teilhard's Omega

A number of years ago I had the opportunity to write
a thesis entitled "The Play of the Cosmic Process: A
Synthesis of Teilhard's Cosmogenesis and Bohm's Theory
of the Implicate Order."

The good Jesuit's sense of the evolutionary process
corresponds very well with Bohm's ideas; and it is
interesting that Teilhard was very much earlier in
his presentations, long before the New Cosmology came
along. Consequently, some of his scientific ideas got
panned over time, only to be somewhat favored much later.

David Bohm was one of the leading quantum physicists of
the 20th century, and it's amazing how well his idea of
an Implicate Order, which he called the "Holomovement"
fit so well with Teilhard's concept of the "Within" of
the universe. Both scientists felt that this Inner aspect
actually fed *information* into the Without, the Explicate
Order of the universe. Their ideas are complex, though in
my "Stoa del Sol" website, in the Plenum section, I've
tried to present their thoughts in a fairly understandable

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance at the time to work
into Teilhard's "Christogenesis," so recently I delved
into his thoughts about the Cosmic Christ drawing the
universe, the All of us, towards a greatCenter that he
presumed to be the Cosmic Christ, ultimately over millennia,
ever building-up the mental structure of universe, coming
to the final time of Completion: the Omega Point. Though I
am not always in agreement with Teilhard, I did write a short
story called the "Omega Quest" which is somewhat descriptive
of his Christogenesis.

Another part of Teilhard that I found most charming were
his gentle conversations that he had witha spirited teenager,
while taking walks in NYC's Central Park, in which he
introduced her to the idea of Entelechy. I wrote a small
article about this in the Imaginal Realm section of my
"Stoa del Sol" essay site.