Friday, June 3, 2011

Cosmology & Natural Theology

What with all the new astrophysical discoveries a
New Cosmology has arisen! As for our trying to make
meaning in the universe, making meaning for ourselves,
well the deeper understanding of the Cosmos is
significantly important. Religious folk have always
laid a foundation from their knowledge of the universe,
whether at the beginning just looking up at the sky.
Later we had the astrologers, and in more modern times
astronomers and later physicists, hence today's

Having spent much of my professional life in the realm
of Science and Technology, I suppose it was natural to
look beyond just religio-spiritual perspectives, on
towards what is termed Natural Theology.

As some have put, when it comes to trying to grip onto
the Contours of God, beside the Book of Scripture we now
have an evolving Book of Nature.

For some of us God speaks through Creation, naturally,
besides what is deemed the supernatural. And, in the end,
maybe one day we might come to realize that what we once
thought as supernatural might really be "natural." And then
there's Evolving Consciousness, all part and parcel when it
comes to a more natural understanding of who we are!

(if interested, check "Sol Scientia"--my story that is a
cosmic/consciousness study via Natural Theology)