Friday, June 3, 2011

Depth Psychology

A long time ago I went to a Jesuit retreat that focused
on both the Myers-Briggs Typology Test and a smattering
of Jungian Psychology. At the time I was virtually
ignorant of both, but it helped me, lots! I was astounded
by the type test, in that it seemed to hit the "nail on
the head" for me. Later, I discovered that this type test
is oft used by corporations and governments when it comes
to professional placements. Wow!

As for Jung, I was fascinated. Talking with a Jesuit
priest-psychologist, he steered me toward a bookstore
that specialized in Jung's books. Afterwards, I really
read deep into Jung--whose psychology helped me along
the way when it came to my own spiritual development as
well as a keener understanding of religious symbolism.

Eventually I branched out, studying James Hillman's
Archetypal Psychology, and even getting into
Transpersonal Psychology.

Anyway, all these different forms of Depth Psychology
are real helpmates when it comes to one's insight into
who they really are--coming to "know thyself," if you

(if interested, check "Mind Link"--a short story that
looks at these various schools of depth psychology from
the perspective of how the Spirit works through our minds)