Friday, June 3, 2011

Science & Spirituality

When I lived in the Washington, DC, area I used
to attend lectures at the Smithsonian, especially
those about such topics as the New Cosmology, the
New Biology, the New Physics, the Grand Unified
Field Theory, etc., etc. It was always exciting,
and I was somewhat familiar with all the scientific
lingo--so I could get a grip on some of these
modern theoretics.

But what I was beginning to notice was not only the
excitement, but especially the *enthusiasm* put forth
by the presenters. And their enthusiasm spread forth
to their audiences! And somehow, Some One took me by
the shoulders, turned me square around, and I knew that
this was the direction I was to take in my own spiritual

Close to retiring as a career officer in government,
working in scientific areas, I decided to prepare for
a second life as a philosopher. After receiving a
postgraduate certificate in Theological Studies at
Georgetown University I applied and was accepted into
a Master's Program there, wherein I studied with a
mentor whose specialty was "Science and Religion."

I had a wonderful time, working into my own approach
which was more "Science and Spirituality." I focused
especially on new science theories. And after the
Master's, I spent more time as a Scholar of Advanced
Study putting together articles about Technology as
a helpmate spiritually. In this case I worked with
an engineer.

Maybe it sounds strange, approaching Spirit this way.
But these days I am in the midst of a lot of company--
far more erudite than me!

(if interested in this approach, check my essay site
"Stoa del Sol"or my story entitled "Sol Scientia")